Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy

" JACFIN: Journal of Accounting and Finance " is committed to promoting the principles of open access to scholarly research. As part of our Open Access Policy, we provide free and unrestricted access to all published articles, ensuring that the research findings are available to the global community without any financial or technical barriers.

Key Features of our Open Access Policy:

  1. Free Access: All articles published in "JACFIN" are freely accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Readers can read, download, and share the full-text articles without any subscription or payment.
  2. Author Retention of Copyright: Authors retain the copyright of their published work and grant " JACFIN " a license to publish the article under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). This allows others to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the work, even for commercial purposes, provided the original authors are properly credited.
  3. High Visibility and Indexing: To ensure maximum visibility and accessibility, " JACFIN " is indexed in various scholarly databases, repositories, and search engines, increasing the discoverability of published articles.
  4. Rapid Publication: " JACFIN " follows a streamlined editorial process, ensuring rapid publication of accepted articles. This allows authors' research to be disseminated quickly and contribute to the academic community.
  5. Long-Term Preservation: The journal partners with reliable digital archiving services to ensure the long-term preservation and availability of all published content.
  6. Ethical Publishing: " JACFIN " adheres to the highest ethical standards in publishing and promotes responsible research conduct.

Article Processing Charges (APCs):

To cover the costs of publication, including peer-review management, editorial services, digital archiving, and website maintenance, " JACFIN " levies article processing charges (APCs) for accepted manuscripts. However, we ensure that APCs are reasonable and transparent, and we offer waivers or discounts for authors from low-income countries or under special circumstances.

Open Access Benefits:

Open access benefits both authors and readers in several ways:

- Authors: Increased visibility and impact of their research, greater dissemination of findings, and the ability to reach a wider audience.
- Readers: Unrestricted access to high-quality, peer-reviewed research, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration among scholars worldwide.

At " JACFIN " we believe that open access is crucial for advancing knowledge and promoting global research collaboration. We encourage authors, readers, and the academic community to support and participate in the open access movement.

For more information or inquiries related to our Open Access Policy, please contact the editorial team at