Peer Review Process

"JACFIN: Journal of Accounting and Finance" follows a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality, originality, and scholarly relevance of all submitted manuscripts. Our peer review process is designed to uphold the highest standards of academic publishing and involves the following steps:

  1. Submission and Initial Evaluation:
    - Upon receiving a manuscript, the editorial team performs an initial evaluation to ensure it meets the journal's scope and follows the author guidelines. Submissions that do not meet the basic criteria may be returned to the authors at this stage.
  2. Editorial Review:
    - Manuscripts that pass the initial evaluation are assigned to the Editor-in-Chief or an Associate Editor, who assesses the suitability of the manuscript for peer review. The editor may also check for potential conflicts of interest and ethical compliance.
  3. Peer Review Assignment:
    - Suitable manuscripts are sent to at least two independent and qualified experts in the field, who act as peer reviewers. Reviewers are selected based on their expertise and experience relevant to the subject matter of the manuscript.
  4. Peer Review Process:
    - Peer reviewers conduct an in-depth evaluation of the manuscript, assessing its originality, methodology, significance of findings, clarity of presentation, and adherence to ethical guidelines.
    - Reviewers provide constructive feedback and recommendations to the authors to improve the quality of the manuscript.
  5. Decision Making:
    - The Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editor evaluates the peer review reports and makes an informed decision based on the reviewers' comments. The possible decisions include:
    - Acceptance: The manuscript is accepted for publication without major revisions.
    - Minor Revisions: The manuscript requires minor revisions to address specific issues raised by the reviewers.
    - Major Revisions: The manuscript needs significant revisions and will be re-evaluated after the revisions are made.
    - Rejection: The manuscript does not meet the journal's standards and is not suitable for publication.
  6. Revision and Resubmission:
    - Authors are given a specific time frame to address the reviewers' comments and make the necessary revisions. Revised manuscripts are reevaluated to ensure that the concerns raised by the reviewers have been adequately addressed.
  7. Final Decision:
    - The final decision to accept or reject the manuscript rests with the Editor-in-Chief, who considers the revisions made by the authors and the feedback from the peer reviewers.
  8. Publication:
    - Once accepted, the manuscript undergoes final editing and formatting before being published in " JACFIN: Journal of Accounting and Finance

We maintain the anonymity of both authors and reviewers during the peer review process (double-blind review), ensuring an impartial and fair evaluation.

At " JACFIN: Journal of Accounting and Finance" " we value the contributions of our peer reviewers and appreciate their dedication to maintaining the scholarly integrity of our journal.