Deposit Policy

The Journal of Economic and Management (JECMA) encourages authors to deposit relevant research data, supplementary materials, and any other supporting information associated with their manuscripts. The deposit policy aims to promote transparency, reproducibility, and open access to research findings. Authors are expected to adhere to the following deposit guidelines:

1. Data and Supplementary Materials:

  • Authors are encouraged to deposit research data, datasets, and any supplementary materials that are essential to understanding and validating the findings reported in the manuscript.
  • Deposited data should be in a machine-readable and accessible format to facilitate verification and reuse by other researchers.

2. Data Availability Statement:

  • Authors should provide a clear data availability statement in their manuscript, indicating where the data and supplementary materials are deposited and how they can be accessed by readers and researchers.

3. Data Accessibility:

  • Data and supplementary materials should be deposited in reputable and permanent data repositories or platforms.
  • If no specialized data repository is available for the research data, authors may use institutional repositories or general-purpose data repositories that support long-term data archiving.

4. Third-Party Data:

  • If the research relies on third-party data that cannot be publicly shared due to legal, ethical, or privacy reasons, authors should provide appropriate justification and documentation for the restricted access.

5. Licensing and Copyright:

  • Authors should ensure that deposited data and supplementary materials comply with applicable licensing and copyright regulations. If necessary, authors should obtain permission from copyright holders to deposit and share the data.

6. Data Citation:

  • Authors should cite the deposited data and supplementary materials in the reference list of the manuscript to provide proper attribution and facilitate data citation by other researchers.

7. Embargo Periods:

  • In some cases, authors may request an embargo period during which the deposited data is not publicly accessible. Embargo periods should be reasonable and align with the needs of the research and any related agreements with data providers.

8. Persistent Identifiers:

  • Authors should assign persistent identifiers (e.g., DOI) to the deposited data to ensure its long-term discoverability and citability.

9. Compliance with Journal Policies:

  • Authors should ensure that the data deposit complies with any specific data-sharing policies or requirements set forth by JECMA or funding agencies.

By adhering to the deposit policy, authors contribute to the transparency and credibility of their research, facilitate replication studies, and enhance the impact and value of their publications.