Open Access Policy

Journal of Economic and Management (JECMA) is an open-access journal, committed to the principles of open and free access to knowledge. We believe that providing unrestricted access to research articles promotes academic exchange, encourages collaboration, and facilitates the dissemination of knowledge to a global audience. As part of our open-access policy, the following principles guide our publication process:

  1. Free Access: All articles published in JECMA are freely available to readers worldwide without any subscription or access fees. This ensures that researchers, students, practitioners, and the general public can access and benefit from the latest research findings.

  2. Creative Commons License: To support open access, JECMA applies the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) to all published articles. Under this license, readers are allowed to share, copy, distribute, and adapt the content, provided proper attribution is given to the original authors and the journal.

  3. Author Retention of Copyright: Authors retain the copyright to their original work published in JECMA. This empowers authors to share and reuse their own research without restrictions.

  4. Global Visibility and Impact: By adopting an open-access policy, JECMA aims to increase the visibility and impact of published research. Articles are indexed and made available in various databases, repositories, and search engines, reaching a broader audience.

  5. Rapid Dissemination: Open access allows for the rapid dissemination of research findings, enabling faster and wider access to critical information.

  6. Ethical Considerations: JECMA maintains high ethical standards in publishing and ensures that open access does not compromise the integrity and credibility of the research. Authors are expected to adhere to ethical guidelines in their research and publications.

  7. Long-Term Archiving: JECMA takes measures to ensure the long-term preservation and archiving of published articles, making them available for future generations of researchers.

We are committed to promoting open access as a means of advancing scientific knowledge, supporting global collaboration, and fostering innovation. By removing barriers to knowledge, JECMA aims to contribute to the progress of economics, business management, and related disciplines.