Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process of Journal of Economic and Management (JECMA)

The peer review process of Journal of Economic and Management (JECMA) is designed to ensure the quality, originality, and integrity of the articles published in the journal. All submitted manuscripts undergo a rigorous and objective peer review by experts in the relevant fields. The process follows these key steps:

1. Initial Evaluation: Upon submission, the editorial team conducts an initial evaluation to assess the manuscript's adherence to the journal's guidelines, formatting, and scope. Manuscripts that meet the basic requirements are assigned to the Editor-in-Chief or the Managing Editor for further review.

2. Editorial Review: The Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor performs an initial review to determine the manuscript's suitability for peer review. Factors such as originality, significance, and alignment with the journal's focus and scope are considered.

3. Peer Review Assignment: If the manuscript passes the initial evaluation, it is assigned to at least two independent reviewers with expertise in the manuscript's subject matter. Reviewers are selected based on their research experience and knowledge in the relevant field.

4. Double-Blind Review: JECMA follows a double-blind peer review process, ensuring that the identities of the authors and reviewers are kept confidential. Authors' names and affiliations are removed from the manuscript, and reviewers' identities are also withheld from the authors.

5. Reviewer Evaluation: Reviewers critically assess the manuscript's quality, methodology, originality, and contribution to the field. They provide constructive feedback, suggestions for improvements, and a recommendation for the manuscript's acceptance, revision, or rejection.

6. Decision Making: Based on the feedback received from the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor makes a decision regarding the manuscript. The decision options may include:

  • Acceptance: The manuscript is accepted for publication without major revisions.
  • Minor Revisions: The manuscript requires minor revisions based on the reviewers' comments before final acceptance.
  • Major Revisions: Significant revisions are necessary to address the reviewers' feedback adequately.
  • Rejection: The manuscript does not meet the journal's standards and is not suitable for publication.

7. Revision and Resubmission: If revisions are requested, the corresponding author is asked to revise the manuscript based on the reviewers' feedback and provide a detailed response to each point raised by the reviewers.

8. Final Decision: The revised manuscript and the author's response are re-evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor. A final decision is made based on the adequacy of the revisions and the manuscript's overall quality.

9. Publication: Once accepted, the manuscript undergoes final editing and formatting processes before being published in the Journal of Economic and Management (JECMA).

The peer review process ensures that only high-quality, original, and well-researched articles are published, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in economics, business, and management fields.