Withdrawal Policy

Authors may request to withdraw their manuscript from consideration for publication in the Journal of Economic and Management (JECMA) under certain circumstances. The withdrawal policy of JECMA is designed to address such situations and ensure transparency and fairness throughout the publication process. The following guidelines outline the withdrawal process:

1. Withdrawal Request:

  • If an author wishes to withdraw their manuscript from consideration before the peer review process has begun, they must submit a formal withdrawal request to the journal's editorial office at andiyulianto@umus.ac.id.

2. Peer Review Process:

  • Once the peer review process has commenced, withdrawal requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The manuscript may be withdrawn if the reasons for withdrawal are deemed valid and reasonable. However, the withdrawal may not be possible if the manuscript is already in an advanced stage of the review process or has been accepted for publication.

3. Reasons for Withdrawal:

  • Authors should provide clear and valid reasons for their withdrawal request. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal may include submission to another journal, major errors or inaccuracies in the manuscript, or other unforeseen circumstances. Plagiarism or ethical misconduct in the submitted manuscript will not be considered acceptable reasons for withdrawal.

4. Withdrawal Process:

  • If the withdrawal request is approved, the manuscript will be formally withdrawn from JECMA. The withdrawal will be recorded in the journal's internal records, and the manuscript will not be further considered for publication.

5. Publication Charges:

  • In case of withdrawal before acceptance, no publication fees will be charged to the author.

6. Notification to Reviewers:

  • If the manuscript is withdrawn after the peer review process has begun, the reviewers will be notified of the withdrawal and requested to discontinue their review process.

7. Ethical Considerations:

  • Authors are expected to adhere to ethical standards in manuscript submission and withdrawal. Withdrawal requests should not be used as a means to evade addressing issues related to the manuscript's quality or potential ethical misconduct.

8. Resubmission Policy:

  • Authors who have withdrawn a manuscript may be allowed to resubmit a revised version in the future, subject to the journal's regular submission guidelines and editorial policies.

Authors are encouraged to carefully consider their decision before submitting a withdrawal request and to communicate openly with the editorial office about any concerns or issues related to their manuscript.