Withdrawal Policy

"JTFP: Journal of Technology and Food Processing" understands that circumstances may arise where authors need to withdraw their submitted manuscripts from consideration. We have a clear Withdrawal Policy in place to facilitate this process.

Withdrawal Request:
Authors who wish to withdraw their submitted manuscript must send a formal written request to the editorial team at [insert email address]. The withdrawal request should include the following information:

1. Manuscript Title: The title of the manuscript that the author wishes to withdraw.
2. Author Details: The names and affiliations of all contributing authors.
3. Reason for Withdrawal: A brief explanation of the reason for the withdrawal.

Withdrawal Process:
Upon receiving the withdrawal request, the editorial team will review the request and assess its validity. The withdrawal process may proceed as follows:

1. Pre-Review Withdrawal: If the manuscript has not yet entered the peer review process, the withdrawal will generally be granted without delay.

2. During Peer Review: If the manuscript is already under peer review, the editorial team will contact the reviewers to inform them of the withdrawal request. The reviewers' feedback received up to that point will not be used in any future publication.

3. After Acceptance: In exceptional cases, if the manuscript has already been accepted for publication, the withdrawal request will be carefully reviewed by the editorial team. The manuscript will be withdrawn only in specific situations where it is deemed necessary.

Ethical Considerations:
Authors are encouraged to consider the following ethical aspects before submitting a withdrawal request:

- Withdrawal requests should only be made in genuine cases of necessity, such as the discovery of significant errors or data integrity issues in the manuscript.
- Authors should avoid submitting the same manuscript to multiple journals simultaneously. Prior to submitting to "JTFP," authors should ensure that their work has not been submitted or published elsewhere.